We have Patrick Rodgers, Derrick Stovall, and Marcus Terry.

Patrick Rodgers Derrick Stovall ve Marcus Terry var burada.

Mr. Stovall, please don't send me back!

Bay Stovall, lütfen beni geri göndermeyin.

Please, Mr. Stovall!

Lütfen, Bay Stovall!

Please take me with you, Mr. Stovall.

Lütfen beni de götürün Bay Stovall.

It is one hour before, Mr. Stovall.

Daha bir saatiniz var Bay Stovall.

You're an hour early, Mr. Stovall.

Bir saat erken geldiniz, Bay Stovall.

Well, Mr. Stovall

Evet, Bay Stovall

Well, Keith, welcome to Operation Stovall.

Merhaba Keith. Operasyon Stovall'a hoş geldin.

Are you drunk, Colonel Stovall?

Sarhoş musun Albay Stovall?

I'm Red Stovall.

Ben Red Stovall.