O benim her şeyimdi, ve sen onu benden aldın, seni hasta hayvan.

He was my whole world, and you took him from me, you sick animal!

O benim her şeyimdi!

She was my everything!

O bebek her şeyimdi.

That baby was everything.

Bill benim ilk her şeyimdi.

Bill was my first everything.

Paul benim her şeyimdi

Paul was my whole world.

O benim her şeyimdi Stanton.

She was everything to me, Stanton.

O benim sihirli şeyimdi

That was my magic wand.

O benim her şeyimdi, ve sonra onlar beni konserve.

It was all I had, and then they canned me.

Sueno'ya gelince, O benim her şeyimdi.

As for Sueno, she was my everything.