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Sorun yok, o o The New York Times ile birlikte.

It's okay, he's he's with The New York Times.

İyi akşamlar ve the Hour'a hoş geldiniz.

Good evening and welcome to The Hour.

Bu The New York Times.

This is The New York Times.

O, The New York Times ile birlikte!

He's with The New York Times!

Bayanlar ve baylar Los Angeles, California'dan, The Doors!

Ladies and gentlemen from Los Angeles, California the Doors!

The New York Times.

The New York Times.

Sen "Billy the Kid" değilsin.

You're not Billy the kid.

The Rock küçük bir şehir gibi.

The Rock" is like a small town.

Hey, Billy the Kid.

Hey, Billy the Kid.

Bu, profesyonel futbol takımı. The Rules değil.

This is a professional football team, not "The rules.